(Oct. 2016 – Jan. 2017) Duration: 00:00:18

During the third Semester at our university (HSLU) we got the opportunity to create a little spot either for Technorama, TedX Basel or Cartoon Network. Laura M. Weber and I successfully pitched an idea for the slogan of TedX Basel “Ideas worth spreading” and were joined by Pirmin Bieri. Original music was composed by Jakob Schneider (ZHdK).

Autodesk Maya (render engine: Arnold), Mudbox, Nuke, After Effects, TVPaint, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Paint Tool SAI, Pro Tools

My contributions:
3D animation: anglerfish, jellyfish (scene3), fern, stingray
2D animation: starfish, ground (scene1), stingray, coral
modelling: anglerfish, starfish, jellyfish, seaurchin, all sets
surfacing: anglerfish, squid, jellyfish, set (scene3/4), coral
other: bulk of coral placement, jellyfish dynamics (scene3), all atmosphere/light/light animation, part of concept art and storyboarding