My main focus and strength in this field is creature and character animation for which I primarily use Autodesk Maya.


(Oct. 2016 – Jan. 2017) Duration: 00:00:18

During the third Semester at our university (HSLU) we got the opportunity to create a little spot either for Technorama, TedX Basel or Cartoon Network. Laura Weber and I successfully pitched an idea for the slogan of TedX Basel “Ideas worth spreading” and were joined by Pirmin Bieri. Original music was composed by Jakob Schneider (ZHdK).
Autodesk Maya (render engine: Arnold), Mudbox, Nuke, After Effects, TVPaint, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Paint Tool SAI, Pro Tools
My contributions:
3D animation: anglerfish, jellyfish (scene3), fern, stingray
2D animation: starfish, ground (scene1), stingray, coral
modelling: anglerfish, starfish, jellyfish, seaurchin, all sets
surfacing: anglerfish, squid, jellyfish, set (scene3/4), coral
other: bulk of coral placement, jellyfish dynamics (scene3), all atmosphere/light/light animation, part of concept art and storyboarding


(work in progress) Duration: –

During the fourth Semester at our university (HSLU) we had a short VFX module, during which we got an introduction into live action integration. Laura Weber and I started working on our idea for a short film entitled “They’re Alive!” of which we took two scenes through the complete production process. Alexander De Biasi-Bischof, a student from the video department, helped us shoot our live footage (Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K).
Autodesk Maya (render engine: Arnold), Nuke, Premiere Pro, Agisoft PhotoScan
Irex Dinosaur Maya Rig and Diabo Dinosaur Maya Rig by Truong
My contributions:
3D animation: Mother and child Indominus Rex
other: part of concept art/storyboarding/cut, digital reconstruction of the set for animation and lighting

OPIA (Maturaarbeit 2015)
Duration: 00:02:21

This short animationfilm was my first attempt at 2D and 3D animation. Along with atleast 80 pages about the production of Opia and the history of animation it resulted in my Maturaarbeit (graduation project), which won one of four school prizes given to the best graduation projects of that year. It shows the birth of the poppy fairy Opia and symbolises the death of a drug addict, in other words the triumph of an (opium) addiction. The fun I had working on Opia convinced me to further pursue animation.